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Earth Metal is doing an amazing business with consistency, in managing Rare Metals of various kinds extending from Ancient Coins to Copper, Rare Herbs and Other Antique things. We accept that responsibility and earnestness is an essential need, (and ofcourse, especially vital) for any fruitful business. At Earth Metal we simply follow that. Aside from the dedication and truthfulness we show, we have a group of all around prepared staffs, who add additional solidarity to the association. Any work in our association is completed with most extreme earnestness, in light of the final product.

We search forward for genuine colleagues who forces or needing Antique things (subtleties of which is given in the later areas). We guarantee you a smooth bussiness-exchanges, consistently during the arrangement.

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Earth Metal provides the metal, which is used in scientific and in pivot bearings and other special equipments. The first documented coinage is deemed to start with ‘Punch Marked’ coins issued between the 7th-6th century BC and 1st century AD.

Our Mission

Earth Metal is focused on acquiring a portion of the world’s generally “most interesting” things, either for R&D or basically in light of the fact that we know a couple of individuals who are eager to follow through on a colossal cost for it outside India.

Our Vision

We are to be sure, one of the most settled organizations in India that have consistently been charmed, entranced and even more impassioned to bust legends and to investigate the obscure.

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